Alcoa Vinyl Siding Review

It is very important to go for proper siding to your home so that it is free from pests, moisture penetration or other harmful elements. Biological contaminants like mold, bacteria or dust mites can be prevented if proper vinyl siding is given to your home. It is very important to choose the best siding for your home keeping in mind about the weather conditions and maintenance of the siding. Choosing the material of the siding is very important when you are reinstalling the siding of your home or building your house from scratch.

Siding from Alcoa:

Alcoa siding is made by the company known as Alcoa Home Exteriors which is a renowned name as the vinyl manufacturers. The company merged with Mastic in 1989 and is a reputed manufacturer of different types of construction products. It focuses on aluminum and vinyl product lines and offers products and options that are related to home cladding. Alcoa vinyl siding offers a lot of advantages compared to the other options for its high quality of products and styles which is unique in this domain. This vinyl siding manufacturers are deft in producing vinyl with the help of a chemical process called polymerization. The products are durable, aesthetically pleasing and also affordable. Vinyl siding from Alcoa is very easy to maintain and you can get a lot of options when it comes to siding from Alcoa.

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Problems with wood siding:

It is seen that wood siding though look beautiful and is a mark of aesthetics but is frequently subjected to rotting, chipping peeling or any other insect attacks. So after some time one is forced to repaint or replace the wood siding. The vinyl sidings are easy to maintain and are not prone to defects like wood. The aesthetics of the vinyl siding is great and is inspired by the wooden textures.

Vinyl siding from Alcoa:

If you are looking for ways to make your home look like the way you want then go for Alcoa Vinyl Siding. The quality of siding available from this company is beaded smooth siding, board and batten or even dutch lap . The cedarwood siding is one of the most popular choices of vinyl siding which looks like the real wood. You can get this style of vinyl siding without bothering too much of maintenance costs. Another style that is quite popular amongst people is ovation where very little maintenance cost is required. It comes in 20 different colors and is a strong and durable option for people. Millcreek is another type of siding which is available in 13 different colors and is the most affordable siding product for home siding. Other types of sidings available in different colors are Carvedwood 44, Quest, Quest Signature etc.


If you want to go siding accessories along with vinyl siding you can also get it through Alcoa. The accessories that you may require with vinyl siding are leaf removal products, fascia and trim, soffits which are very convenient in redoing your home. It does not require much maintenance over the years and will never rot or develop molds. Once in a couple of years you need to go for power washing which will clean the vinyl siding and make it free from dirt and debris that has been built over the years. The vinyl siding from Alcoa can withstand the weather, is durable and can withstand any other harmful elements. The siding from Alcoa is broken into four different levels as per your requirement which includes economy, standard, premium or super premium. You can choose any option and go for vinyl siding of that option as per your budget.

Alcoa Vinyl Siding

Wide range of Colors:

Generally people are extremely choosy when they look for vinyl siding colors. The company offers 35 different colors for vinyl sidings which includes rugged canyon, deep granite, Scottish Thistle, English Wedgewood and many more. Other colors that are quite popular amongst people are Tuscan Olive, Russet Red, Atlantic Aqua, Blushing Coral etc. The colors of vinyl siding does not fade so easily and you can choose any option as per your requirement. You can also go for custom options and the company would exactly understand your requirements and provide you the same.

Cost of Alcoa siding;

The prices of vinyl siding from Alcoa generally vary depending on the color and the style you choose for your home. Apart from the cost of the vinyl siding one needs to pay the installation cost for siding their home. One can expect to pay $5 per square foot for vinyl siding to $8 per square foot for premium level of siding. The Alcoa siding prices is generally reasonable depending on the high quality of materials they provide and the efficient process of installation. The Alcoa vinyl siding distributors are really popular as they provide high quality of siding materials, lumber, paints to the company. You can completely rely on this company when it comes to provide siding to your lovely home.


The vinyl sidings from Alcoa have Medallion Lifetime Warranty. It guarantees you against any kind of defective siding that you have obtained from the company during the stay period in your home. This warranty ensures repair and replacement if any defective thing comes up in your home siding. If you sell your house in this time then the new warranty will be for fifty years which starts from the date of installation of the siding. Always read about the full terms and conditions when you avail the services of this company for home siding.


The siding from Alcoa require very less maintenance, is durable and can withstand the extreme weather conditions. The vinyl sidings give a natural wood siding authentic look and also provide durability along with functionality. The different styles, range of colors and the ability to withstand heat or rain makes it unique in this domain. The sidings can also reduce external noise and wind noise and thus is a great option for home siding. Thus you can spend less of money and protect your home from any harmful bacteria elements for a long period of time.

Thus when you need to upgrade your home or business avail the different options of sidings from Alcoa which will provide complete care to your house. It looks good and is a mark of aesthetics along with maintaining your house for a long period of time,

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